Friday, September 28, 2007


This is eiko-chan guest-blogging again!

On behalf of my cousin sister, i apologize for the lack of posts these days!

One of the reasons so is because she had just gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 27th September 2007!

Mother and son are doing great!

I'm sure once she gets back, she'll let everyone in on the details! Please anticipate!~

I know i enjoyed it (^^ )!~

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tag: On my birthdate...

Tagged by Nicole ~ I like to do tag too, because don't have to think so much what to write ~ hehehe

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

HELLO!... again!

Hello everyone!

This is your guest blogger eiko-chan again =D! Aren't you happy to see me? I'm sure you do (trust me to talk to myself all the time)!~

Anyways, the reason i'm "guest-blogging" here is because the blog owner, May, my cousin sister, my cousin-brother-in-law's wife, my nephews' mother, my kumama's daughter, my mother's niece, my cousin sister's cousin sister, is currently not very "convenient" to Blog, and so i'm blogging for her on and off till she gets better to Blog again! I'm sure you've read this previous post of hers, one advice she got off the com is to stay away from computers temporary, and thats what she's doing!

Her due date is soon, can't wait to see my nephew! Lets all pray that she gets better soon!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Making Preserved Eggs (Century Eggs)

I saw my cousin Anna’s blog. Knowing that she likes to eat the salted eggs and made the salted eggs herself. I don’t know whether she like to eat century eggs or not. But I just post the recipe up and if she wants, she can try it herself.I never try it before, because I always feel if I want to eat those eggs, I can just go and buy at the market. Don’t have to do so much things. Hehehe! Because I am very lazy to prepare all those things.

  1. Rinse fresh duck eggs clean, pat dry and smear 1 cm layer of mud over the shell. Coat with a layer of rice husks and pack tightly. Leave the eggs to cure for 3-4 months.
  2. Yellow mud is best for preserving duck eggs because of its alkaline properties and high mineral content. Minerals seep through the shells, which coagulates the egg white before turning it into a dark grey, translucent and gelatinous texture. The yolk, however, turns yellowish green or grayish green.
  3. Besides cold dishes, preserved eggs can also be cooked or stir-fried with other ingredients.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Damn, I got Bells Palsy!

I feel so sad now because I am so unlucky to have Bells Palsy at my late pregnancy. Bells Palsy is something like stroke but is the mild one. It didn’t have any prevention. I hope that I will be recovering soon.

My left tongue feel numb 4 days ago when I was eating the roti canai with the curry fish for my breakfast. I thought it was the curry to make my tongue feel numb, because the curry was so sour and may be of the herbs. Then I didn’t take this seriously and I thought it will be ok later.

2 days later, I suddenly felt my left eyes cannot function so smoothly. When I tried to click my eyes, my left eye was slower than my right eye. Then I felt scare and started to worry already. Because it was the sign for the stroke. Later at night, my left eye cannot close tightly when I closed my eyes. But the funny thing is when I sleep, my left eyes can closed tightly. Then I think I must go and see my gynae tomorrow morning.

I sent my hubby to work at 8am then I straight away went to see my gynae. I was waiting for 1½ hours, because quite many patients there. When I told the gynae my problem, she straight away said she will write a letter then ask me to go to the hospital and check. Because there must be something wrong to me. It could be very serious. She wants me to go to the hospital immediately and don’t want me to drive myself. Because she said this is the sign for stroke, so she scared when I drive half way, what if the stroke suddenly came, then will be very dangerous.

I called my hubby immediately. He was so shock and worry because I am crying when I told him what had happened to me. His colleague sent him to my brother’s house (because the clinic just down stairs of my brother’s house). Then my hubby quickly drove me to the University Hospital. When we reached the University Hospital, there were so many patients waiting. After registered, 20 minutes later, the nurse called my name. Then my hubby and I went into the consultancy room. The Chinese doctor did a few tests to check my eyes, hands and legs. She said something was not right to me. She must send my case to another doctor. So she asked me to wait outside first.

1½ hours later, the nurse called my name again. There was an Indian doctor attend to me. Again, she did a few tests to me then she called another Chinese doctor to discuss about my case. Two of them also feel very strange. Then they decided to pass my case to the medical specialist. They called the medical specialist, the doctor asked them to have my blood test first.

3 hours later, the medical specialist called my name. There was a Malay doctor. Again, she did the same tests and asked the same questions to me. Then she called the ear and eye specialist to come and discussed my problem. The ear and eye specialist did a few tests to me and both of them also said I have nothing wrong. Finally they confirmed may be I had Bells Palsy. The medical specialist said she don’t want and don’t dare not gave me medicine because I am pregnant. But because of my case, she had to. So she called the gynae and asked for the gynae opinion for the medicine she was going to give me. Finally they decided to give me 1 type of the medicine. 6 tablets in one time for 5 days. She said if I am not pregnant, she definitely will give me the medicine for killing the virus. Because she said for my case, may be is also virus attack. But she doesn’t want to take the risk. Just asked me to monitor myself, see after a few days, if nothing getting worse doesn’t have to go and see her or if I am still worry, can just go there and have some follow up only.

The doctors there were all very nice and helpful. They were apologized for let us waiting for so long and also they like to discuss with other specialist for your case before they gave the medicine. Although I had spent 7 hours there, seeing few specialists, having blood test, but they only charged RM5 for the medicine only. No consultation fee charges. Wahl, so cheap! I really feel worth it. But of course, if can, I also don’t want to go and see them la.

This morning I woke up, I looked at my face, everything was ok. But don’t ask me smile, because it will looks funny. It was like one side move and the other side stuck. I feel embarrassed and don’t dare to smile in front of the people. I asked my hubby am I looks funny now, he said is ok la, just a little bit different only. If you didn’t look closely, you will just like a normal people. I asked him what if I can’t recover. He said don’t worry la, he will not leave me one. I was so touching when I heard it. He even made the oat cereal for me this morning before we went to the market and cooked salmon fish and some vegetables for our lunch. I really feel very happy and grateful to had him as my husband.

I wanted to say thank you to my cousin Anna and Jo Ann. When they knew about this, they really gave me their supports and also a lot of the information regarding Bells Palsy. Thank you very much and I really appreciated to have you all as my cousins.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ikea breakfast set at only RM0.99

I went to my aunt’s house today. We planned yesterday to have our breakfast at Ikea this morning. Because nowadays Ikea were having very attractive breakfast set. The breakfast set only selling at RM0.99, includes 1 fried meehoon/mee/rice and 1 cup of coffee/milk (refillable). Isn’t it very attractive? We had it before, the taste was quite nice and eiko-chan loves it very much. The breakfast set serve until 11am only. If you wish to have coffee included, then you have to reach there by 10am. If not, they will charge you the coffee at normal price.

But we couldn’t make it today, because
eiko-chan still sleeping. Called her mobile phone and even knocked her bedroom’s door few times, still can’t wake her up. Haiz…the breakfast time already past and eiko-chan still sleeping. My aunty and I have to say bye bye to the breakfast set lor!

What can I do now…waiting for the lunch at my aunt’s house lor!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Phone called from China or Taiwan - Terrible

My hubby’s colleagues, my aunty and I received many phone called from China and Taiwan. The China lady or Taiwan lady will say they are doing some survey or may be you have won some lucky draw from their company.

They called my mobile phone few days ago. I saw the caller was from overseas. So I just pick-up the phone and said: ‘Hello’. Then I heard a lady said: ‘Hello, can you speak mandarin?’ I knew what was going on already. Then I just repeat Hello again. And then the lady asked me the same question again. So I said: Apa? (What?), Siapa? (Who is that?) When the lady heard what I said, she thought I am not a Chinese, then she straight away hangs up the phone. Actually I have been received quite a lot of sms from China and Taiwan, said that I am very lucky to be choosing from their company for the lucky draw’s winner. But I don’t believe it.

My aunt’s story was more terrible. She received the phone called from China last week. They called my aunt’s house. At first, my aunty thought that her friend from China called her. So when the lady in the phone asked her can she speak mandarin? My aunty straight away said yes. Then the story starts. The lady said she was calling from a China company and they were doing some marketing survey. She asked my aunt’s name, my aunty simply gave her a name. Then she started to ask my aunty many questions. My aunty knew what’s going on then she said she’s not free and then just hangs up the phone. After that, the lady called my aunty everyday. No matter what language my aunty spoke to her even she don’t understand (the lady just know mandarin), she still won’t give up and called again and again. Very terrible.