Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wah! It has been so long I never update my blog. Thanks eiko-chan for upload my little Calvin picture.

I will be staying with my brother until end of this year. Hopefully I will have more time to online and update my blog, especially my emails when I am back to my own house.

I am very busy to take care of the baby now because my baby don't want to drink my milk using the bottle. He INSIST I breast feeding him. He drink the water using the bottle but not the milk. Even I pumped out the milk and use the bottle to feed him, he still don't want. He will spit all out. HELP ME! I really don't know what to do already. Any advise??? That is why I am very busy now because I cannot leave him to anyone. So 'cham'...hehehe! Actually on the other hand, I am enjoying to take care of him too.

I will upload his pictures when I'm back to my house.


wHOisBaBy said...

aiyo ... cannot advice you lar, i had no such problem with brandon. may be joann can help you. i told her about your post and she said will come to take a look. calvin takes water from the bottle but not milk? hmm ... may be let him gets really hungry but not to bf him, until he cannot tahan may be he will take the milk from the bottle.

benny said...

heheh thats funny.. so chamm.. /pats head

jOO yEE! said...

that was me btw.. lol :P