Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wah! It has been so long I never update my blog. Thanks eiko-chan for upload my little Calvin picture.

I will be staying with my brother until end of this year. Hopefully I will have more time to online and update my blog, especially my emails when I am back to my own house.

I am very busy to take care of the baby now because my baby don't want to drink my milk using the bottle. He INSIST I breast feeding him. He drink the water using the bottle but not the milk. Even I pumped out the milk and use the bottle to feed him, he still don't want. He will spit all out. HELP ME! I really don't know what to do already. Any advise??? That is why I am very busy now because I cannot leave him to anyone. So 'cham'...hehehe! Actually on the other hand, I am enjoying to take care of him too.

I will upload his pictures when I'm back to my house.