Thursday, September 13, 2007

HELLO!... again!

Hello everyone!

This is your guest blogger eiko-chan again =D! Aren't you happy to see me? I'm sure you do (trust me to talk to myself all the time)!~

Anyways, the reason i'm "guest-blogging" here is because the blog owner, May, my cousin sister, my cousin-brother-in-law's wife, my nephews' mother, my kumama's daughter, my mother's niece, my cousin sister's cousin sister, is currently not very "convenient" to Blog, and so i'm blogging for her on and off till she gets better to Blog again! I'm sure you've read this previous post of hers, one advice she got off the com is to stay away from computers temporary, and thats what she's doing!

Her due date is soon, can't wait to see my nephew! Lets all pray that she gets better soon!


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Oh JungA said...

ah mei jeje~ i got 2 tags for u~~ kekekeke... now u got something to blogg dee~ happy blogging~ ^^


jia you jia you~~~ :)